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Castles, Pipes, Dungeons, Whisky, Festivals What does Edinburgh not have?

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, it is perhaps the most prettiest but treacherous city in the world. With more secrets than any other city or town unlucky enough to have a castle. But Edinburgh’s castle was built on top of a volcano! REALLY!!!!!

YES, Edinburgh castle is in fact built on top of a volcano, this castle is the most besieged place in Britain.

The castle has been bleeding blood in the most horrific of ways as it has had 23 attempts of capture. From the torture and burning of witches outside to a prison that holds nearly a thousand people crazy enough to take on the ruler, but caring enough to our four legged friends to have a pet cemetery within its grounds and today the castle is protected haunted more like by the sounds of a loan piper.

On the happier side, Edinburgh is a great place of history, culture, joy, partying, dancing, shopping

Traveling to Edinburgh

British Airways Heathrow

Probably the easiest way to travel to Edinburgh is like how we did from Heathrow just outside London with British Airways. I’m a gold card holder of their executive club. I love BA, the staff, how they never ever leave you behind when your flight is cancelled, or maybe I’m just one of the lucky ones. With a semi private security gate at T5 that whisks me straight in to the first lounge. Grab a free champagne, this trip is off to a great start all for under £150.

Impressed to see these new Sleep pods at T5 in Heathrow. However I don’t think Ill be needing them on this short trip to Edinburgh today. However if I was coming from a connecting trip from LA and waiting for a local connection to Edi then yes i would!

Sleep Pods BA T5

Club Europe

Usual layout in club Europe as expected, giving that bit of space between you and then next person. I have a special meal ordered on every BA flight, I love Indian food. So I’m usually the only one they have an Indian dish for on all my BA flights, and they are fab! Chase that down with a cup of tea and just the 2 vodkas and coke, why not they are free, before I know it we are landing at Edinburgh airport.

When I can, as I hate passport queues like the rest of us, but most airports offer some assistance that does not break the bank. At Edinburgh I use Airport Representatives my contact was Angela she met me at the steps of plane. Then whisked me through passport control. The cost is £150 at EDI and well worth it. To note I heard that Edi also offer their own service with a car which I hope to give a try one day.

edi airport
Edinburgh Airport Tram

How to get to the city centre of Edinburgh

I took the tram, yes the tram, it’s becoming just what you do. 

Alright its not the fastest mode of transport, and must have taken about 40 mins. However, it was peaceful and very easy, no taxi driver asking me where I had just came from and wanting a conversation. It was cheap also only £6.50 each, definitely my recommended route to get to Edinburgh city centre. Where I was super keen to find these two places I was staying in Edinburgh during my trip. One was a luxury AirBnB and the other was a hotel called the The Witchery, where they burned the witches outside next to the castle.

Front Door

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