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Sitting right in the middle between Edinburgh & Glasgow is the historic town of Stirling

is the childhood home of Mary Queen of Scots and it took many years for Stirling to be crowned the happiest place to live in Scotland, lets look at a Scotland Vacation Stirling.

It’s called the gateway to the highlands, and perfectly situated for a Scotland Vacation where the Scottish Lowlands meet the rugged slopes of the Highlands right here in Stirling.

It’s obviously famous for Mel Gibson’s film Braveheart, but there is much more to Stirling, from exploring the stunning scenery by car or adventurous hill walking, deer stalking, cycling to name a few.

World famous Stirling University who pursue sports excellence, well you would when you have the likes of Sir Andy Murray living just up the road and brought home the gold medal Tokyo 2021 olympics.

We think Stirling is the perfect place for a beautiful Scotland vacation and we have picked out probably one of the best luxury homes to have a your Scotland Vacation Stirling.

Traveling to Stirling

We were so excited about going to Stirling, we have visited Scotland a few times, but never Stirling, we had read so much about its historic past, sAfter doing our research and contacting a few luxurious properties in Stirling to set a base for a weekend and see what Stirling had to offer a group of outdoorsy friends who at our age deserve the finer comforts in life.

We had a few must requests to the properties we contacted, if we could find somewhere in Stirling and was it ready to live up to its ever so friendly reputation. 


  • Find the best restaurant’s in Stirling
  • Allow Pets, as we want to take Terry my jack russell, flights allowing 🙂 
  • Has to have a garden for Terry & picnics.
  • Ample parking as we will have two rental cars.
  • Has to be comfortable.
  • Conveniently located.
  • Within our budget. 

This is what we found, read on to read our Stirling Scotland Vacation…


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