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What is the best vacation home in Glasgow ?

Scotland Vacations has now reviewed the best vacation home in Glasgow


Stunning sunny Glasgow mansion from built in the Victorian age. When Tobacco lords and merchants were creating trade routes. Stunning homes are dotted around Glasgow waiting on them to return from sea.

Many quality homes were built to a luxury level all across Glasgow, the West and South of Glasgow are where you find the best homes.

Our challenge to answer was. What is the best vacation home in Glasgow?


This Victorian vacation home features

Remnants of the Victorian past in abundance throughout this in this grand home. This home having a natural homely feel with lovely  carpets and luxury all through the home.

I was there on a bonding business trip with new colleagues which would take a few days. Furthermore, we had meetings to attend, and the idea was we would work together as a team and form a closer bond.

Tastefully extended

Furthermore, because it had a very bright conservatory, taking advantage of the south sun. With a large TV and the kitchen is here also and the house is a great hangout space that we took full advantage of during our business stay in Glasgow.

Kids Bunks

Our break was simply amazing.

I we will need to come the next time with our kids and stay here in this stunning victorian home with its cool fish tank. Also, it has bunks for all 4 of our kids in the same room and the home had a very homely feel. I wished I lived here as my family home.

After every day of full on meetings in Glasgow, we retired to the garden with a few gin and tonics and the odd bottle of wine. The garden had a lovely pond so well taken care of with love. This was perfect and exactly what was required of this stay in Glasgow.

In conlusion, I would recommend staying here if you are exploring Glasgow for work or even pleasure.


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